12 Examples Applications of Post Frame

Post-frame design works for many common project challenges.

David R. Bohnhoff, P.E., a Professor of Engineering at University of Wisconsin-Madison discusses these features of post-frame construction, and structural applications best-suited for the construction method. We invite you to read his essay.

The list below does not represent the only post frame structural applications. It simply details specific instances where post frame will most likely present the best option.

Below we've provided twelve specific case-examples where post frame provides a distinct advantage. Explore the examples. Also visit the Case Studies or Post Frame Project Gallery for more ideas:

Buildings With Numerous and/or Relatively Large Wall Openings

Buildings Without Basements

Buildings With Tall Exterior Walls

Bulk Storage Facilities

Buildings With Open Walls

Buildings Requiring Interior Posts

Buildings With Large Clearspan Wood Trusses

Buildings That Accomodate Non-Structural "INFILL" Panels/Materials

Stilt Buildings

Towers and Buildings With Towers

Buildings With Post-Supported Roof Overhangs and Porches

There are benefits to using a post-frame building system any time a building features a relatively long post-supported porch, roof overhang or arcade.

Buildings With Braket-Supported Overhangs