Exteriors: Discover The Versatility And Flexibility Of Wood Frame

While practicality has long been the driving force behind building designs, today's architects, engineers, and city planners would attest that aesthetics and innovation possess equal in importance.

By supporting virtually any exterior facade, post-frame buildings support this forward way of thinking as well. Underneath many of the architecturally appealing buildings you see today, you will find post-frame structural design. Designers will find that virtually any aesthetic can be achieved with the help of wood frame exteriors.

Senior Civil Engineer Ron Sutton agrees, “We regularly design and build churches and other buildings using a wide variety of building materials, including wood, brick, stone, and many other building products. The features of post-frame design allow us to incorporate flexibility so we may employ architectural enhancements of all kinds to achieve the desired appearance.”

From schools to stadiums, wood frame exteriors have changed the way buildings are being de-signed. Post-frame exteriors often present a less expensive alternative, yet at the same time they can offer the siding options as almost any other building exterior.

Complete flexibility is the key when it comes to constructing a post-frame exterior. You can now have any look you desire. In addition to the exterior finish, you can also accessorize with ease as wood frame exteriors lend themselves perfectly to the addition of canopies, wainscoting, win-dow and door trim, guttering, and even portico entrances. Now your only limitation when using these dynamic frame building exteriors is your imagination.

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Post-Frame Exterior Siding Options Post-Frame Roofing Options
  • Vertical steel siding/wainscoting
  • Horizontal lap steel siding
  • Horizontal lap vinyl siding
  • Stucco
  • Architectural foam
  • Horizontal lap wood siding
  • Board and batten wood siding
  • Brick siding/wainscoting
  • Stone siding/wainscoting
  • Fiber cement siding products
  • Exterior insulation finish systems
  • Corrugated steel roofing
  • Standing seam roofing
  • Asphalt shingle roofing
  • Wood, tile or slate shingle roofing
  • Low-slope roofing
  • Mansard, Dutch, clerestory hip, gable
  • Roof overhang
  • Porticos